Battle of LA

By: Kevin Sinatra March 9, 2020

As March is now underway, we find ourselves getting prepared for many different things. Spring, nice weather, and most importantly, The NBA Playoffs. With the playoffs right around the corner, we have started to think about the top contenders around the league. However, it seems that the two top contenders in the West reside in the same city. At the start of the season, many people were predicting either the Lakers or Clippers to come out of the West, and those people seem to have been correct, the only question is, who’s city is it?

It is no secret that in just one season LeBron has already won over the Laker fan base. With the addition of many pieces this off-season including: Anthony Davis, Danny Green, Avery Bradley, Rajon Rondo, and more, the Lakers were coming fully loaded this season in hopes of returning to the NBA Finals. The Lakers were not the only team in L.A. making big moves this past summer, as the Clippers went out and acquired both Kawhi Leonard and Paul George, possibly the best two-way player duo the league has ever seen. The scary part is, even though it is now late in the season, both teams are still adding to their rosters. Just this past month the Clippers have acquired both Marcus Morris and Reggie Jackson, and as for Lakers, they have recently acquired Dion Waiters and Markieff Morris to top off their roster heading into the playoffs.

With both of these rosters going hand-and-hand, I guess the question now is, which team has the pieces to go all the way? In just three head-to-head matchups this season the Clippers have the upperhand leading the series with the Lakers 2-1. However, a lot changes in the playoffs because stakes are higher, the level of play intensifies, and load management becomes non-existent.

LeBron is on a mission this year, playing arguably the best basketball of his career, in year 17. Not to mention the fact that he now has assets in Anthony Davis, Danny Green, Kyle Kuzma and many others surrounding him. Yet on the flip side, we have seen what Kawhi can do in playoffs by himself, let alone pairing him with teammates such as Paul George, Lou Williams, and Patrick Beverley, which is making the Clippers arguably the most dominant defensive team in the entire league.

Both teams will definitely have their work cut out for them come playoff time. But the way things are looking, we could have a real life Battle of Los Angeles coming our way very soon...

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