Celtics Emerge as Real NBA Finals Threat

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

By: Lou Areniello February 27, 2020

Coming into this season the Boston Celtics were one of the most interesting teams in the league. Replacing Kyrie Irving after a very controversial exit to Brooklyn left Boston with a lot of question marks. Such as, who is the Celtics leader? Can this team put last year behind them? The most important question of all, who would take big shots at the end of game?

Trade rumors swirling around Gordon Hayward and Jaylen Brown didn’t give fans much hope as things looked like they would become just as hectic as last season. Once we signed Kemba Walker and Jaylen Brown got his extension, it gave us more of a sense of stability about the direction the Celtics were headed. The Celtics basically told everyone they can win with the pieces they have on the roster but those three big questions were still up in the air.

Shortly after the All-Star break those three questions would be answered. It is clear with the very good record of 40-17 the Celtics have last year in the rear view mirror, but that still leaves us with who leads this team and who is the last game shot taker. In the last two weeks Jayson Tatum would answer both of those questions. Over his last four games Tatum is averaging 36 points per game on 48% shooting. This is the emergence of the next Celtics superstar right before our eyes. It is official he has taken the next step and become the leader of the Boston Celtics who is also their go to guy in big situations. At just 21 years of age Tatum had his coming out party after dropping 41 points in a classic game with the rival Los Angeles Lakers. This let the entire sports world know that Tatum has arrived.

Tatum’s emergence as a superstar has every media outlet and NBA team changing their tone about the Celtics. The young talented team with at least second round hopes has become a legitimate contender. The Celtics have four players who can give them 20 plus points a night and can diversely defender multiple positions. They have the right head coach to lead them into the playoffs and the core of the team has already been acclimated to the playoff atmosphere. The last piece of the puzzle was finding that superstar who could be the leader of the team. The Celtics have found that superstar, his name is Jayson Tatum.

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