NFL Players Looking to Cash in on a Contract Year

By: Steven Tauro

June 30, 2020

Every year in Free Agency players have the opportunity to reward their play with a big pay day. In order to secure the big contract, you have to perform at a high level consistently. These players below are on a contract year, and if all goes right this season, they will earn their worth.

A.J. Green WR Cincinnati Bengals

When healthy we all know the potential of the Bengals long time receiver, but that is simply the problem. A.J. hasn't stepped on the field since 2018, when his season ended early due to an aggravation of his toe injury. For the past couple of years, while dealing with injuries, Green was also trying to secure the bag and lock up an extension. A.J. Green was once an unquestionable top five WR, but now that play is certainly in question. At 31 years old, Green needs to stay on the field in order to earn his contract.

Joey Bosa DE Los Angeles Chargers

Before we dive in let's understand that the Chargers have quiet the history when it comes to taking care of their players. When Joey Bosa was first drafted in 2016, he missed several games due to the contract language on his rookie deal. A couple of years later, the Chargers certainly have the franchise tag on their side, for when Bosa's contract expires. If Joey Bosa's play keeps up to the extent it has the past couple of years, Bosa has the chance to reset the pass rusher free agent market. With that number being north of 20 million already, we could possibly be talking a 100 million dollar deal for Bosa.

Joe Mixon HB Cincinnati Bengals

One of the more promising running backs in the NFL, Joe Mixon is at the back end of his rookie deal.There have been rumors about possibly holding out until an extension is agreed upon, but we've yet to see or hear a clearer direction. Mixon is the running back of the future for the Bengals, and is looking to be compensated handsomely. With the production and potential that Joe has, along with the young core of guys the Bengals are assembling, this offense can be a top unit in a couple of years. We do know that at his position it is extremely difficult to get a luxurious contract agreed upon, but regardless Joe Mixon will cash in on an extension if he can avoid the franchise tag.

Hunter Henry TE Los Angeles Chargers

Already playing on the franchise tag this year, Hunter Henry is in a little bit of a different situation. Similar to A.J. Green, the question of health is the main concern when it comes to the young tight end. When healthy there is no doubt that Hunter Henry can produce numbers with the top tight ends in the league, but staying healthy will be a huge factor in being a Charger for the long term and securing a contract. If injuries hamper the promising tight end again this year, I can't see a record breaking, long term contract.

Leonard Floyd OLB Los Angeles Rams

After the acquisition of Robert Quinn and Nick Foles, the Bears had to shed some money, which led to the release of Leonard Floyd. The young pass rusher has had problems with staying consistent, but he has the real chance to flourish on a defense with Aaron Donald and Jalen Ramsey. The Rams gave Floyd the opportunity to prove himself with a one year deal, but in the long term, it will be extremely difficult to pay these two defensive stars, along with Floyd. Leonard's big pay day will definitely have to be earned, especially if it will be for another team.

Kenny Golladay WR Detroit Lions

Last year's surprise star, Kenny Golladay, broke out with absolutely astonishing numbers. Each and every week, regardless if Matthew Stafford was healthy enough to play or not, the receiver balled out. This is the best talent at the receiver position the Lions have had since Calvin Johnson, and that's not a comparison to the all time great. In a contract year I expect to see an even better Golladay then we saw last year.

Yannick Ngakoue DE Jacksonville Jaguars

After a rollercoaster offseason for the talented pass rusher, Yannick is still stuck in Jacksonville. It has been very clear that Ngakoue was looking for an escape from the Jaguars even dating back to last season. Whether the defensive end signs a long term extension, with Jacksonville, which is very unlikely, or else where, I expect it to be top dollar. As i said with Joey Bosa, Yannick Ngakoue has the chance to cash in on a 100 million dollar contract.

Leonard Fournette HB Jacksonville Jaguars

Another great player in Jacksonville is trying to flee from the scenario, Leonard Fournette has publicly expressed interest in playing for another team. After shedding half of the stars on the team for draft picks, the team is clearly rebuilding. Fournette was a very coveted prospect coming out of LSU, but the direction of the Jaguars, and his career are in opposite directions. With running backs having a shorter prime than the average player, Leonard is trying to secure the big pay day while he can. Assuming that he will not be with Jacksonville next year, there will be a lot of teams trying to acquire the back.

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