NFL’s Top Offensive Trios

Updated: Mar 9, 2020

By: Steven Tauro March 6, 2020

The NFL has a lot of elite talent especially on the offensive side of the ball. Some teams have one or two guys that are legit playmakers, but in this article we will be breaking down the best offensive trios across the league.

Odell Beckham Jr., Nick Chubb, and Jarvis Landry are three of the most dynamic players at their position. Both of the former LSU receivers have had 1,000 yard seasons with their previous teams and the success has carried over to Cleveland. In their first year together Odell and Jarvis combined for 2,200 receiving yards and look to build on that come September. In 2018, the Browns added Nick Chubb to the mix by drafting the running back in the 2nd round from Georgia. Chubb has certainly delivered in his two seasons with the Browns, and he has rushed for nearly 2,500 yards while adding 18 total touchdowns to his resume. This trio is certainly one of the most recognized groups in the league and hopefully the 2020 season is the year for the Cleveland Browns.

Ezekiel Elliott, Amari Cooper, and Dak Prescott were a trio that fell short of expectations in the 2019 season. Being a part of the NFC East, the Cowboys let the Division Title slip right through their hands. Since the group was established midway through the 2018 season, each player has performed at a high level, at least individually. These players put together career highs in yardage as teammates: Elliott rushed for 1,434 in 2018, while Cooper and Dak excelled in 2019 respectively going for 1,189 receiving yards 4,902 passing yards. If this offensive core of players remain teammates for the 2020 season, watch out.

Aaron Rodgers, Davante Adams, and Aaron Jones are a upcoming trio in the league. While these players have been with Green Bay for a number of years now, injuries really hampered the groups ability to be at its best together. We saw Jones break out in 2019 for almost 1,100 rushing yards and 19 total touchdowns, which was tied for the most in the NFL with Christian McCaffery. Davante Adams battling turf toe all year didn't help Rodgers last season, but going into 2020 the group should be regarded as one of the best in the league.

Patrick Mahomes, Tyreek Hill, and Travis Kelce have been teammates since the 2017 season, but didn't really establish themselves as a trio until Mahomes was the starter in 2018. We all famously remember Ketchup Pat's breakout campaign with over 5,000 passing yards and 50 touchdowns, which allowed Hill and Kelce to post career highs in receiving yards and TD's for both offensive weapons. This past season injuries really affected the Chiefs, but the team still found a way to get Andy Reid his first Super Bowl win. Going forward the Chiefs are the top dog in the NFL thanks to this trio.

Adam Thielen, Stefon Diggs, and Dalvin Cook are as good as they come. This is another trio that has been significantly effected by injuries. Cook missed his first season to an ACL injury, tweaked a hamstring in his second season, and then missed games at the end of last season to a shoulder injury. When healthy, Dalvin is arguably a top five running back in the league, but for the group to be at its best they all need to be on the field. Thielen and Diggs have posted their highest receiving yards since Captain Kirk became the QB in Minnesota. If all of these guys are healthy for the 2020 season the Vikings will be a tough team to beat.

Michael Thomas, Drew Brees, and Alvin Kamara have kept the Saints marching since 2017. While MT and Brees have gotten better with age, Kamara's injuries haven't allowed him to show his true potential as a bell cow back. Even at 41 years young, Drew's passer rating has been its best in his career. In 2018 the quarterback posted a 115.7 passer rating and then followed that up with a 116.3 in 2019. As Brees elevated his game, "Can't Guard Mike" stepped up to the challenge, improving every season. In those two seasons Thomas has caught 274 balls, while breaking Marvin Harrison's single season reception record with 149 receptions. Along with that accomplishment, the receiver caught for over 1,700 receiving yards last seasons.

Russell Wilson, Tyler Lockett, and D.K. Metcalf are a Dange"RUSS" trio. These guys have everything: speed, size, intelligence, not to mention that Seattle should have Chris Carson healthy and veteran tight end Greg Olsen as a new addition. Russ has achieved greatness since being drafted in the third round and that should be expected to continue throughout his career. Wilson has already shaped a punt returner into a Pro Bowl receiver and never lost more than 7 games in a season. Already winning a Super Bowl, at 25 years of age, and appearing in two, are just minor accolades for the future Hall of Famer. Its going to be interesting to see what team makes it out of that stacked NFC West.

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