NFL Teams That Still Need To Address The Quarterback

By: Steven Tauro March 23, 2020

The Quarterback is the most important position on the field, and may be the most important position in all of sports. The difference between a good QB and a great one is often determined by decision making, leadership, accountability, patience, willingness to learn and adapt.

As the NFL League year began and Free Agency started, there are a lot of new faces in new places. Notable names such as Tom Brady, Phillip Rivers, Teddy Bridgewater, and Ryan Tannehill had the luxury of making a decision on where to play for the upcoming NFL season, while guys like Nick Foles were caught in the mix of being traded to a new franchise.

With the draft approaching at the end of April there are going to be a lot of organizations trying to find players to shape their teams for years to come. The tricky part of the draft is that value is extremely important. Prospects like Joe Burrow, Tua Tagovailoa, and Justin Herbert, just to name a few, will be flying off draft boards within the first 10 picks in the draft. This means that addressing and improving the QB position is extremely difficult, especially with the price tag included. These teams below need to find ways to create competition and address the position before the 2020 season.

Cincinnati Bengals: While this may be a bit obvious, Andy Dalton was just not getting the job done for the Benagls. Last year's rookie, Ryan Finley, had a chance to show what he's got, but I think Joe Burrow will have something to say about that come April. If Dalton gets moved I expect Cincy to add a veteran backup QB for Burrow, assuming he's the #1 overall pick.

Los Angeles Chargers: The long time Charger, Phillip Rivers, and the team decided it was time for a divorce. After Rivers' signed with the Colts, Los Angeles announced that the starting job is Tyrod Taylor's. The Chargers looked for 2019 rookie, Easton Stick, to add to the QB room, but I'm not sold on the idea that LAC is not in the QB market, especially where they hold a Top 10 pick in this upcoming draft.

New England Patriots: Beloved Tom Brady chose to go in another direction for the 2020 NFL season. As we saw with most great Quarterbacks through the years, Joe Montana, Brett Farve, Peyton Manning, and Kurt Warner all went in different directions for different reasons. Tom believed this gave him the best chance of winning for the 2020 NFL season and I can't say that I disagree. This leaves the New England Patriots with newly acquired Brian Hoyer, for his third stint with the team, and last years 4th round draft pick, Jarrett Stidham as options to start. While the Pats may likely move forward with these guys adding a veteran or drafting a guy in a higher round would seem as a possibility.

Pittsburg Steelers: Let's just make this clear. The 2019 Pittsburg Steelers quarterback situation was far from the best. Devlin "Duck" Hodges and Mason Rudolph were story lines for everything except their QB play in the past NFL season. Big Ben is now the longest tenured quarterback, if not the longest tenured player in the league. While Pittsburg may be primed for a big year in 2020, the future of the position is murky for the Steelers as of now. Using a 2nd or 3rd round pick would be beneficial especially if a Jalen Hurts is available.

Indianapolis Colts: The whole NFL world was taken by surprise when the Colts franchise Quarterback, Andrew Luck, unexpectedly retired. Jacoby Brissett did his best trying to fill in, but the team as a whole caught the injury bug. The QB room definitely has some competition for the 2020 season with the addition of Phillip Rivers, but I expect Indy to look in the draft for a possible starter for years to come.

Carolina Panthers: With new ownership in Carolina, the team seems ready to enter rebuild mode. The former MVP and Super Bowl starter Cam Newton is on his way out with Teddy Bridgewater given the reins. Kyle Allen, last years QB is still with the team, along with newly acquired XFL standout, P.J. Walker, who had over 1,300 passing yards and 15 touchdowns. All these moves seem a bit preposterous, especially since I believe the best way to improve the QB room for Carolina is the draft. With 4 quarterbacks under contract I expect a Cam trade or release to be imminent.

Washington Redskins: Last year there was a lot of drama surrounding the Redskins organization. Front office was a mess, the team was in the middle of a coaching change, star LT Trent Williams reveals injury details, and Washington was not committed to selecting, never mind playing, first round QB Dwayne Haskins. With Riverboat Ron now in charge I expect things to change. Moving forward with Haskins seems obvious, but we saw the Cardinals give up on their top pick Josh Rosen. Drafting a Quarterback at 2nd overall would not be a surprise to me, which would likely mean a Haskins trade. Regardless of keeping Haskins or drafting a rookie at two, I expect the team to add a veteran.

Miami Dolphins: With a lot of action during the 2019 NFL season, the Dolphins need to upgrade all over their roster. Sending away Minkah Fitzpatrick, Lamery Tunsill, and Kenny Stills allowed the dolphins to stack up on draft capital and available cap space. Focusing on the quarterback position, Ryan Fitzpatrick and Josh Rosen are running out of chances to show their worth. Three 1st round picks will definitely allow the position to be upgraded via draft, but with space available why not throw a dart at Jameis Winston, says Louis Areniello.

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