The Best NFL Teams That Never Won A Super Bowl

By: Kevin Sinatra

April 22, 2020

Throughout the history of the NFL there have been a lot of great dynasties and teams, many fans would have thought won a Super Bowl. As we know, it’s easier said than done. In this article we will look at some of the best, single-season, teams in NFL history to never win a Super Bowl.

5. 1998 Minnesota Vikings

1998 was an optimistic year for the Minnesota Vikings. Already having Hall Of Fame WR Chirs Carter, the Vikings wanted to go out and find a piece to up their game and make them a serious contender. That is when they went out and drafted phenom WR Randy Moss, which gave the Vikings arguably the best WR duo the NFL has ever seen. In just his first year, Moss went on to catch 69 passes for over 1,300 yards, alongside Carter’s 78 catches for over 1,000 yards, the two seemed virtually unstoppable. With their elite wide receiver core, and always solid defense, the many football fans started seeing them as a serious front-runner for the 1998 Super Bowl. Finishing the season 15-1, the Minnesota Vikings’ Cinderella season fell short of everyone’s expectations when they lost in the NFC Championship against the Atlanta Falcons. 

4. 2001 St. Louis Rams

After winning the SuperBowl in 1999, consistently being solid year in and year out, it was no surprise when the Rams found themselves front runners once again in 2001. Led by young 3rd year QB Kurt Warner and a prime Rams All-Time Great RB Marshall Faulk, we could see why the Rams offense was so lethal, scoring 57 Touchdowns on the season. After finishing the 2000-2001 season 14-2, and breezing through the NFC Playoffs, the Rams met their match in the Super Bowl. Led by second year QB Tom Brady, the Rams found themselves struggling against this New England team. The Rams would eventually find themselves hopeless, as with just seconds left, lethal Patriots kicker Adam Venetieri came walking out for a game-winning 48-yard field goal attempt, and nails it...ending all hope for the Rams’ 2001 season. 

3. 1984 Miami Dolphins

I know for many young fans it may be hard to believe, but yes, the Dolphins were good at one point. In 1984 they were great! Led by young, elite and eventual Hall Of Fame QB Dan Marino, the 1984 Miami Dolphins were something special. Finishing 14-2, it seemed like every win they got was by a landslide and Miami eventually became one of the favorites to win the Super Bowl. After absolutely dominating the AFC Playoffs, the Dolphins found themselves matched up against the legendary Joe Montana's 49ers, who were the only team to finish with a better record than the Dolphins that season, 15-1.  The Dolphins would eventually find themselves on the wrong side of a very one-sided game, where they would lose to the 49ers 38-16 in the SuperBowl. 

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2. 1990 Buffalo Bills

The 1990 Bills were a very good and interesting team. Being very balanced on both sides of the ball, many people thought the Bills would in fact go on to win the Super Bowl. Finishing 13-3 on the season, the Bills definitely had the stats to back it up. They were top 5 in the league in stats both offensively and defensively, which led the Bills to make a case for themselves as a legit contender. After a 10-pt win in the AFC Divisional Round, the Bills turned a lot of heads after absolutely annihilating the Los Angeles Raiders 51-3 in the AFC Championship. Eventually, it felt like Bills mojo had run out after facing off against the NY Giants in the Super Bowl. The Bills had absolutely no answer for the high-powered Giants offense, and after leading the league in points that season, the Bills were held to only 19 in the Superbowl, where they would go on to lose in 20-19 in a dramatic, hard-fought ending. The Bills went on to make the next couple Super Bowls, but found nothing but disappointment, as they became the only team in NFL History to make 4 consecutive SuperBowls and never win one

1. 2007 New England Patriots

Arguably the best single-season team in NFL History the 2007 New England Patriots were as good as it gets. They had everything a Super Bowl contending team needs. With a high powered offense consisting of legendary QB Tom Brady, RB Kevin Faulk, one of the top 5 greatest WRs ever in Randy Moss, arguably one of the greatest slot receivers the game has ever seen in Wes Welker, and an elite defense consisting of All-Time great SS Rodney Harrison, elite CB Asante Samuel, Hall of Fame LBs Mike Vrabel and Teddy Bruschi, NT Vince Wilfork, and DE Ty Warren. It is no secret that this Patriots team went on to finish the regular season a perfect 16-0 shattering many league records on both sides of the ball. After breezing through the 2007 AFC Playoffs, the Pats found themselves on a date with the New York Giants in the Super Bowl. Coming into the game the Pats were a HUGE favorite, considering the Giants finished with a record of 10-6 on the season, many fans as you would assume wrote them off against such a lethal Pats squad. Yet, as always, things aren’t always as they seem. After coming in and making New England play, what seemed to be, a very uncomfortable game, the Giants found themselves with a chance to actually win. After one of the greatest catches in Super Bowl history, the Giants shocked the world and took down the undefeated Pats, in one of the most shocking Super Bowl victories ever.

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