The Great DepRESTion

By: Kevin Sinatra March 20, 2020

With the rapid worldwide spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), it is no surprise that many companies and organizations have decided to shut down during this hectic time. Professional sports clubs and other organizations including the NBA are right up there joining the list of suspended organizations.

With the NBA currently shut down for the foreseeable future, there have been talks of whether they can, or will, resume the season and if so how will they do it. In many interviews over the past week, NBA Commissioner, Adam Silver explained that there are many potential options for the remainder of the NBA season, but this is the most likely one.

As of now, one of the top options (considering the COVID-19 crisis is resolved by then) is to resume the season in mid June, having the playoffs and NBA Finals roll through the end of August. With this plan, the NBA would then not return until December of 2020, giving the players some sort of off season. Many speculations have been made around this idea as in how it would impact the postseason.

How will a mid-June return affect the postseason?

The playoff picture is not yet set in stone. With some teams already clinching playoff spots, many seeds are still up for grabs in both conferences. With this talk of a possible mid-June return, does that leave room for darkhorse teams like the Warriors, Nets, Blazers, and many others to make a possible playoff push and playoff run?

These teams did not have a good first half of the season but think about it. A team like the Nets, who is still in the hunt for a playoff spot has a chance to have their All-Star duo of Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving back in time for a late season push. For a team like the Warriors, with Steph Curry recently making his return, they have a chance to get Klay Thompson back in time for the last third of the season. Although it might be too late for Golden State this year, being able to get Klay back on the court, even if it means with a minutes restriction, can only help him build up for a full return come next season.

There are several other teams across the league who also may see this suspension as a positive, giving them time to get healthy and recover. Going into the possible tail end of the season things will certainly be interesting. However, there has not yet been a resolution regarding the rest of the season, we are anxiously anticipating this decision to see how it pans out.

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