Why Cam Newton Will Be A Good Fit for New England

By: Kevin Sinatra

July 9, 2020

Prior to the recent news involving Pat Mahomes’ contract extension with Kansas City, there was also some pretty big QB news generating in New England when the Patriots agreed to a 1-year deal with former MVP QB Cam Newton. There has been some speculation around Cam Newton’s health and physical concerns, as a Pats fan I absolutely love the move, and here’s why…

For starters, it is no secret the NFL is slowly but surely shifting into a mobile-QB league. With guys like Pat Mahomes, Russell Wilson, Aaron Rodgers, Lamar Jackson, Josh Allen and many others, the QB trend around the league is starting to change. Although there are still some old-school pocket-passer Quarterbacks still left in the league today such as Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Phillip Rivers and a few others, as their careers come to an end, I think we will really see the takeover of the mobile, or at least semi-mobile, quarterback in the sport of football. 

Now with that being said, Patriots fans or not, we can agree that the way the Tom Brady era ended in New England was not the prettiest, both on and off the field. Therefore, the Patriots, as well as Bill Belichick have a lot to prove in the upcoming season, or two. Which is why this Newton/New England pairing is a match made in heaven. They both have something to prove.

Before a few lingering injuries occurred during his time with the Panthers, Cam Newton was one of the best, if not the best, two-way Quarterbacks in the entire league. With a cannon for an arm, on top of good speed and freak athleticism, Cam was one of the hardest offensive players in the league to tame. I guess this explains how Newton was able to lead Carolina to a regular season 15-1 record, and Superbowl appearance during the 2015-2016 NFL season. All of this with a mediocre offense at best I might add. 

This is all good and fun, but why do I think Cam will be successful in New England? Simple.

Newton is an incredible offensive talent. Yet, his time in Carolina was spent under coach Ron Rivera, who as we know is a defensive mind. Therefore, I think pairing a guy like Newton with hall-of-fame offensive minds such as Josh McDaniels and Bill Belichick, Cam Newton will thrive. Yes, I understand many concerns about whether or not Cam Newton can be as mobile as he once was, and if he can stay healthy, and here’s my words of encouragement for those people:

For the past 19 seasons the Patriots have had arguably the best quarterback in NFL history, and they have been extremely successful. There is a flip side to that coin, some fellow Pats fans may want to block their ears. Even the “goat” Tom Brady had his flaws in his game. The two biggest being his athleticism and his down field passing. Now again, I agree with many others that Tom Brady is the best quarterback to ever pick up a football, but I mean, let’s call a spade a spade. Here’s my point. The Pats have constantly ran one of the best offenses for the past two decades with a quarterback who was a good, but not great downfield passer, and who couldn’t outrun my grandmother, nana I love you! So now with Newton we have a guy whose strengths are those exact flaws of Brady. 

Don’t get it twisted, by no means am I saying that Cam Newton is better than Tom Brady, because that’s not the case at all. But like all players in all sports, their games are completely different. Even if Cam Newton’s mobility only came back at 70%, that would still be lightyears ahead of the mobility that Brady has had. The other thing about Cam, is he doesn’t HAVE to be as mobile as he once was because he still has his arm in his quarterback arsenal. Apart from his mobility, Cam always had one of the best arms in the league and was always a very good down field passer. To think that he could not come back and still be successful, in a system where his two strengths were once the only flaws of this offense, is crazy. 

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